The most economical is to take public transportation.

You can use Moovit application on your smartphone or Google maps to have an idea how to reach your destination.  Bus and metro cost 50 tetris. Transport is free for children until 6 years old.

Two ways to pay the bus:

  1. you can insert coins in the machine and take the ticket. Push the button as many times as there are passengers to charge. The machine accepts parts of 1 lari, 50, 20 and 10 tetris. Have the right account before getting on the bus because the machine does not make change.

  2. You can also buy a Metromoney card that cost 2 lari in any metrostation. Refill it with the amount you want at the metrostation or in any bank of Georgia or TBC paybox you found in the sreet.

Within 90 minutes you can take another bus or metro for free. The georgian trick is to get on the bus and pay as late as possible, then on the next bus “pay” as soon as you get on!!

You will see a lot of yellow minibuses: the Marshrutka that cost 80 tetris but it’s very difficult to know where they are going to because destination is writed in georgian letters. Google maps or moovit always show you city bus numbers, not marshrutka one, do not confuse yourself.

Traveling in the city with your children by public transportation is very pleasant because you will share those moments with local people and they are happy to see kids. Georgians are very supportive of families and they always have good attention for children: a caress on the head, shake hands, tell them a word. There will always be someone who will give his seat to the child, even the elderly people get up to leave their place.

But the disadvantage of public transit is that you expose yourself to wait long time in case of taking the bus and there is just 2 metrolines.

From the airport, bus 37 runs 24 hours a day.

The taxi is a good option if you use the Bolt or Yandex app.

You can choose to pay by cash if you install the application in your phone before coming.

If you have a Georgian sim card, you will have internet on the street at a great price. You can also take the regular taxis but you expose yourself to pay more than it would cost the race to a local, especially those at the airport.