Parks in tbilisi

  • Rike Park

You can reach Rike Park from Old Tbilisi by crossing the pedestrian Bridge of Peace. Your children will love running in the small alleys and discovering a chessboard like that of Alice in Wonderland, a piano for giants, a playground filled with children, the views of the river Kura, a fountain playing with light and music, two big metallic tubes.
Enjoy a the park from the sky by taking the cable car going to Narikala Fortress and Tbilisi Botanical garden.
For the convenience of sightseeing will be useful to rent a baby carrier or baby stroller.
If you can stay in Rike Parc until dusk, your children’s eyes will shine to see thousands of small leds illuminate the Bridge of Peace, the warm lighting of the Fortress and many fireworks in summer. This park is full of life during the hot season, with music and dances. Your children will never forget those memories!

  • 9th Of April Park

The 9th of April park is very well located, it overlooks the Rustaveli Avenue and remains close to Liberty Square. It is divided in two by Revaz Tabukashvili street.
In the part of the park adjacent to Rustaveli stands a small orthodox church: Khashveti and a little further in, your children will discover a playground with swings, slides, a climbing wall. To the left of these games are the toilets (paying 1 lari and Turkish).
Crossing the street, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll puts you rest on the many benches of the park. There too, your children will find a playground with a submarin to climb. Water fountains are available to quench your thirst. Tap water is drinkable in Tbilisi. The perfect place to live new adventures.
At two intersections further, is the Orbeliani garden known for its fountain of dancers. You can picnic a good khachapuri or have a coffee at Icy café while your little ones will have fun at the playground and pass in the labyrinth of bushes. You will be able to delight the perfumes of flowers that the sellers expose under the freshly constructed arches. In front of the flower market, the Republika Espresso bar offers good desserts and a little further on your right there is a Carrefour market in case of need.

  • Vake Park

The Vake Park will definitely please young and old children. With its playgrounds, its wooded paths, there you have various paying attractions such as inflatable castles, trampolines, bumper cars, climbing wall, caterpillars, flying chairs, small train and rides of all kinds. You can offer your children a ride in tank, motorcycle and sidecar among others. Many sellers of toys and balloons line the park’s alleys. To restore you, you have the coffee of the amusement park. Large rolls of paper and colored pencils are available for your little artists to take care of drawing on the table while you enjoy your coffee.
Turkish toilets are available behind the climbing wall and there are fountains to quench your thirst all over the park.

  • Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is a perfect place to spend a day. If you’re having a picnic, think to take with you sandwiches and what to eat and drink. You will find some drinks machines.
You can follow the trails and pass over a suspension bridge, a small bamboo forest, a Japanese garden, a small waterfall. To access it, take the Rike Park cable car and go down the steps on the left once at the top. For older children, the Tirolian descent can be fun.
The entrance to the garden costs 4 lari per person. It’s free for children under 6 years old.
You can come out of the botanical garden through the old town and continue the tour and admire the architecture of sololaki and get to the sulfuric baths and another waterfall right in the city.

  • Mtatsminda Park