This is a great destination to spend holidays with your children:

  1. You don’t need a visa to come to Georgia and you can stay here for a whole year.

  2. Fashionable destination nowadays, come as long as it’s still authentic. Direct flights from London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Milano, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Kiyv, Riga, Minsk, Yerevan,  Tel Aviv, Sharm El Sheikh, Dubai, Doha and more…

  3. The lovers of nature will be happy. Tbilisi is surrounded by mountains, the Kura river passes in the middle of the city and a boat ride should enchant your children.

  4. There are children’s playground almost every street corner.

  5. Walking around the town is so picturesque: enjoy the pedestrian streets like Shardeni St, Argmashenebeli St, the Peace Bridge, Rustaveli avenue, old town. The architecture is a mix between traditional houses and their carved and colored balconies, Soviet buildings and modern ones. This mix gives  to the city his particular charm. 

  6. The climate is very pleasant.

  7. Your children will love the food (khachapuri, khinkali), the large variety of fruits and vegetables will conquer you and tap water is drinkable.

  8. Tbilisi is a very safe city, no pickpockets. Just be careful when crossing the streets, in general, the way of driving is bumpy.

  9. Georgians love children. They have a rather closed face but they quickly smile in the presence of kids. The family for them is a pillar after religion. People stand up in the bus to give way to the child and his parent.

  10. Life is cheap!